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bPrescient is an information management and data analytics consulting firm dedicated to bringing method, order and insights to health-focused organizations as they struggle to tame the data flood. bPrescient exists to ensure biotech, pharma, life science firms, and their stakeholders have confidence they are making the right business decisions. We do this by building capabilities around your people, processes and technology.

What We Do


Our Practice Areas Serve As The Building Blocks Of A Data Driven Organization

Strategy and Program Management

Create the Vision. Align With Your Business.

No matter your current level of data and analytics maturity, our services and professionals help you envision where your organization needs to go next, and devises a pragmatic roadmap to get you there. Once the strategic roadmap is established, our program management services guide you on the journey ahead.


Manage Your Information Like The Valuable Asset It Is

As data and measurements become the most valued assets of the organization, they need to be managed with discipline and rigor. Our governance services range from program design to tactical implementation support that will jump start your data stewardship, data quality, and master data management efforts.

Data Architecture and Planning

Create An Architecture For The Future

The options and enabling technologies for data integration and management are proliferating. Whether responding to big data challenges, artificial intelligence, real-time analytics, population health data integration, or next-generation computing, our professionals can help your organization rationalize and optimize its data architecture design and technology investments.

AI, Applied Analytics and Data Science

Analytics That Deliver Results

Advancing your analytic capabilities and applying them to your most pressing business challenges is where return on investment is realized. Our Applied Analytics Practice helps you turn data into actionable insights whether you are looking to exploit the benefits of AI, acquiring an analytic application, developing a data science team, or embedding advanced analytics into your operations to improve performance excellence.

Service Design & Operations

Creating A Data Driven Organization

A primary objective for maturing data management and analytics capabilities is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization’s people. Our Operations Practice can help you design an Analytics Center of Excellence; reorganize scarce analyst resources to deliver the most effective services support; and implement a self-service analytics strategy.

Practice Areas


Accelerate Your Analytics Capabilities With One Of Our Targeted Solutions

Self-Service Analytics

Big Data/Data Lake

Data Warehouse Modernization

Integration Strategy

Analytics Center of Excellence

Portfolio Management



About Us

Our Resources

Whether you need operational support or additional resources to execute your initiatives, bPrescient Interim Resources can help.

  • Interim BI, IT & Analytics Leadership

  • Program Managers & Change Management

  • Project Managers

  • Data Architects
  • Data Scientists

  • Artificial Intelligence Implementation
  • Business Intelligence Developers


Our name, bPrescient, represents how we create value for our clients. "Prescient" signifies having knowledge and foresight about future events. By providing this invaluable foresight to our clients, we empower Life Science and Health Science Leaders to make proactive decisions that optimize their present for a better future. Our mission revolves around equipping all our clients with this power so that they can truly "be Prescient."


Commitment to clients

Commitment to Team

Commitment to community

Commitment to Self

Commitment to Innovation


Grant Stephen

CEO and CoFounder

“Providers, payers and life science organizations are often unclear how to best use data to meet the challenges of a changing healthcare landscape. bPrescient is here to help guide them.”

bPrescient, Inc. is proud to work with some of the industry’s most talented consultants. The experience, capability, and passion of our staff is the foundation of our success. That’s why we invest heavily in recruitment, skills development, and the forging of a work environment that fosters their growth.


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